[Please Read] Tutorial Section Guidelines

Find detailed tutorials to do many of the things you were probably going to ask about. Please read this section prior to asking for help.
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August 17th, 2010, 12:05 am

As you see, our tutorial section has been divided into categories to help our members find the tutorials they need quickly. ProphpBB doesn't just offer pre-made tutorials, but we encourage our members to submit their tutorials. Please take a moment to read the following guidelines when posting tutorials.

  1. Please make sure the tutorial is targeted for ProphpBB Free Forum Hosting [FFH] for all users, or ProphpBB Premium Forum Hosting [PFH] if the feature is only available to Premium Forums. Self Hosting aka "Advanced Hosting [ADV]" has been decrepated and is no longer offered here at ProphpBB, so posting these will not help members here.
  2. Do Not Post Your Tutorial In The Tutorial Categories. Post it here, within this forum. Thank you.
  3. Once you've posted your tutorial, one of the moderators will check it over, make sure it works, then we will categorise it for you.
  4. Please be complete. Don't post half tutorials or semi-complete tutorials with additional parts elsewhere, and don't post links to other sites to 'get the other half.'
  5. Don't post tutorials you find on other sites without saying you found it on that site, and make sure you have permission to share it with us here.
  6. If you use pictures, please scale them down to a 600px width. This insures the forum template is not broken, as well as making the site load fast for everyone.
Thank you everyone, and I hope you enjoy!


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